1.  Can I do more than 1 project?  Yes, It will take some work though.  If you don't finish the 2nd project in the time allowed, we can pack it to go.

2.  What if I can't make a class?  You can order a project to go.  You or anyone can pick up a project at any public workshop.  Please keep in mind that I can't replace parts if the kit if it gets messed up.

3.  I forgot about the class, got sick, couldn't make it.  You can make up the class if you find another class that has room. No make ups are given during peak times.  I can't give you a spot in a class that is full or expected to be sold out.  Make Up classes will be done an an availability basis.  

4. I can't make the class, but I purchased a spot?  As long as I haven't done any work on your project, that is fine.  Let me know ASAP.  A refund will be issued. If I have already made the supplies for your craft...the unfinished project can be picked up or made at a different public workshop.

Please keep in mind that everything is made by me.  If you don't show up to a class, I've already made your item and there are cost incurred.   I know things happen, that's why I offer make ups.  When I reschedule you into a new class, your project has now costed me an additional $30-$50 dollars.  I can't sell the spot I'm giving you.  Make ups are given in open classes or you can make it on your own time if timing is a problem.   

5. Can you come to my work, home or business?  YES, I'd love to!  

6. Can you do something custom? Yes, just send me what you are thinking about making.  No extra charge for this service.  

If you have futher questions, text or call Syndi Bergersen 559.259.9742