Home Parties

So, you think you might like to have a Get Crafty with Me event? We'd LOVE to! You get to choose the date, time, place and crafts. You invite your friends , supply the tables and we bring the fun and everything else! We do ask for a minimum of 6 people, if you're in the Fresno area.  Minimums get higher as travel times grow.  You get to choose any  projects that is offered by Get Crafty with Me. If you saw something somewhere else, we can probably do that too. There is no maximum amount of people we can have. I'll bring help :). The only limit is space. Some crafts take more space. We might be able to fit 12 small projects, but 4 large. I will let you know, based on crafting choices. DIY Workshops cost $30-$35. If you have 10 guest, you get your craft free.