Curbside Pick up 6/27 10-2:00 Solitary Cellars/ApCal

I hope this finds you Happy and Healthy!  These pick up days are getting a great response, thank you!  I am having a curb side pick up this Saturday at Solitary Cellars. They are located at Hwy 99 and Ave 7. They have a perfect parking lot for this. Call/ text when you get there. I will bring your project out to you. 

During this time.
1. Frames will be pre attached.
2. I will pick colors as pictured unless you tell me different.
3. Pick up purchases will include a free project to do or share.
4. purchase from out host venue and get a small free project to do later.
5. All supplies to complete the project are included.
6. When you’re done with your project, post a picture with the hashtag #getcraftyathome. I will be having some give aways.





Flower name round
Family monogram w/ names
Puerto Backyardo
God Bless America/ stars and stripes
Family name 3D
Laundry Co. round
18” round
18” round
Table top fireworks
Market Fresh Produce
Welcome/ Planter
12x 48” high plants not included  planter is 12x5”
12x 48” high plants not included  planter is 12x5”
Eat. Sleep. Game. Repeat
Snap Crackle Pop fireworks
Land of the free round
18” round
18” round
Advice from a firecracker
God Bless America truck
Old Glory Fireworks Co
Home of the free because of the brave
Class of...picture/tassel holder
SOLD- keys
Sold- with greenery
My fingers may be small
Some have a story
We are all quite mad here
Today or Never